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PX2 Relacement Oil Pans

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When I installed the geared oil pump I had to use a lever to remove the oil pan from the sump extension, such is the adhesive quaities of the Ford gasket silicone.
In doing this I deformed the edge.
I thought that I'd flattened it bach to its original shape but an oil leak from that poinr proved me wrong so I employed a local garage to drop the pan, straighten the edge with an oxy torch etc, and replace it, the charge was an ete watering $625.00 !!
Anyway 4 weeks later on getting an blue slip for registration the same service centre knocked me back as the oil leak had returned and they had said at the time that they would not warrant the work as the pan had been deformed.
So, I purchased a new oil pan and two tubes of the Ford silicone gasket adhesive - the oil pan was $260 and the tubes of silicone $55 each for two tubes of 50ml !! ----- anyway !!
On refitting the new pan and before I'd applied the silicon the pan wouldnt fit, it kept o hitting the geared oil pump, in frustration I measured it and found thet the new pan is 4mm deeper than the original. The solution was a secondary jack to tip up the engine block just enough for the pan to slide in under the block. So be warned, never asssume that every oil pan is pressed from the same machine.